Aizuri Quartet

Aizuri Quartet
Praised for captivating audiences with a “meld of intellect, technique and emotions,” the AIZURI QUARTET combines four distinctive musical personalities into a unique collective. Their name is drawn from aizuri-e, a style of predominantly blue Japanese woodblock printing, noted for its vibrancy and incredible detail.

February 23, 3:00 pm

“Songs and Echoes of Home”
(Now showing selections played at the February 23 concert)

  • Antonin Dvorak

    • I. Já vím, že v sladké naději (I know that on my love to thee)
    • VII. Kol domu se ted’ potácím (I wander oft past yonder house)
    • XI. Nad krajem vévodí lehký spánek (Nature lies peaceful in slumber and dreaming)
  • Lembit Beecher
  • Komitas
    Folk Songs

    • Yergink Ampel A (It’s Cloudy)
    • Haprpan (Festive Song)
    • Shoushigi (For Shoushig)
    • Echmiadzni Bar (Dance from Echmiadzin)
    • Kaqavik (The Partridge)
  • Rhiannon Giddens
    At the Purchaser’s Option
  • Jean Sibelius
    String Quartet “Voces Intimae” Op. 5

To read Arnold Berleant’s program notes, click the link below:
Program Notes

“Elegant, inquisitive.”
–The New Yorker

“Known for its audacious performing style and an equally adventurous programming streak.”
–The Boston Globe

“Rivets listeners with sharp playing and perfect rapport.”
–Star Tribune

You may relive this memorable program by viewing a “mini” version of the concert including contextual commentary by members of the quartet which the quartet has posted on their website and we have embedded for your listening pleasure below.