Akropolis Reed Quintet

Acropolis Reed Quintet
Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the acclaimed AKROPOLIS REED QUINTET is hailed for their imagination, infallible musicality, and huge vitality. With a virtuosic sound that is “rich, deep and often wildly hilarious,” their concerts feature familiar works as well as new compositions often tailored for its members.

February 9, 3:00 pm

  • Mark Mellitis
  • Jeff Scott
    Homage to Paradise Valley
  • Maktub
    Willem Jeths
  • John Steinmetz
    Sorrow and Celebration

“Pure gold, shot through with tenderness and grace.”
–San Francisco Chronicle

“The quintet plays with imagination, infallible musicality, and huge vitality.”
–Fanfare Magazine

“Innovative, youthful, and full of enthusiasm.”
–Maryland Theatre Guide